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Have you ever marveled at the intelligent security system of your car? Automobile security has taken a quantum leap in just a few years and has become largely immune to security risks. One such example of this is the key fob, a small piece of hardware on the car key that allows remote access to vehicle owners and eliminates external risks through a complex encryption code. A lost key fob, however, can take away access to your vehicle just as easily leaving you stranded. Have you lost or misplaced it? Call our auto locksmiths for a replacement!

Understanding key fobs

Simply put, a key fob is a built-in authentication mechanism that emits a signal to your car’s ECU which read and authenticates it. Vehicle owners have to simply push a button to unlock their cars and access the ignition system. In case a wrong authentication code is sent, the car’s immobilizer prohibits access. These components started gaining popularity in the past few years and have now become an integral part of a car’s security system.

Washington DC Galaxy Locksmith has a team of auto locksmith experts who can replace key fobs of any automobile manufacturer and program them to communicate with your car. We provide top of the lines keyless remotes to automotive clients in Washington, DC area and ensure that they work exactly like the lost key fob. Here’s what you get by availing our services:

  • Washington DC Galaxy Locksmith Washington, DC 202-753-3884Professional expertise
  • Built to last products
  • 24x7 assistance
  • Quick replacement
  • Emergency response

Why shouldn’t I get my lost key fob replaced at the dealership?

Many people tend to prefer their automobile dealership for a replacement. It is quite understandable to rely on the original manufacturer but the decision may not be very fruitful. Dealerships usually take several business days to provide a new fob and charge an exorbitant sum of money for a simple replacement. Many customers are unable to access their vehicles for several days as they don't even get a temporary option. Our auto locksmiths offer a faster resolution to its customers and will replace it within the same day. Plus, we will only charge a fraction of the amount compared to your dealership!

Have you lost your key fob somewhere while traveling and cannot access your car anymore? No worries. Call our 24-hour helpline to get a quick replacement service from our experts. Call us now on 202-753-3884